Monday, 18 August 2008

secret sister package

im so excited this should set the mojo again
thank you so much aimme i love everything you are so clever.
i dont know were to start. i have already used a card this morning. every thing you made is so different to what i have made so its great inspiration. the coasters will be used in the garden if it ever stops raining over here. all those lovely american products are great they are so different to what we get over here. word stamps couldnt have been better as i dont have any. its all amazing there is just so much to talk about. i must admit i shed a tear looking through. my boys are excited to and wanted to get in on the pic


Aimee said...

Tracey! YAY! I'm glad you like your stuff! I got your package a few days ago and just haven't had a chance to post anything yet. Thanks so much. everything is so cute. I love the candle too--wow--that was amazing. I should have something on my blog today. Have a wonderful day!

craftyscot said...

what a fab load of goodies you got. Have fun with them