Friday, 13 March 2009

more more more

My mind is a whirl. iIfind my blog travels so inspireing. I want to make more cards, scrapbook more and play with fabric too. i have now requested a sewing machine for mothers day. even though i dont have the first idea how to use one hehe. there never seems to be enough time (I blame the kids). Of course with all these new wants there comes the BIG WANT more stash hehe stamps, die cutting machine, fabric, paper. The list is endless, WHERE TO START? well i have had my rant hehe watch this space.

i also blame al those talented people in blog land for inspireing me so much

Now less computer more craft yey


Aimee said...

have a great day! :) enjoy your craft-y time.

Shazza said...

I blame them too Tracey :0)
My hubby doesn't understans that I can NEVER have enough stamps, papser etc. Hope you got your sewing machine